Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[Clan] Panda.Dota revealed the formation of the cycling team dynamic

We reported before for the rebirth of the Panda Club news [view details], Panda Club is also vice president with Sky King on the flight line of injection, the manager of their DotA division is explained by the well-known bicycle as a game situation.

We are cycling from an interview not long ago known, Panda.Dota which are still in formation, left the team's popularity DK did not leave a star player Pis, the problem has been well received by staff within the team concerned. Today, the individual micro-Bo said cycling has signed a Hubei star, and also revealed that once and Burning to watch the players more than the video, showing that this is a long-famous players and often appear in the well-known beautiful video.


Then linked to the team's personnel changes recently DtHf, Nada has been determined to leave [Nada leave SL 1037 re-join the team DtHf lack of new members], and Nada's personal highlights video series "I'm Nada" It is highly ornamental, cycling the mouth of the name of potential players is most likely an early master of shadow magic Nada.

>> "I'm Nada" video series to enjoy: Part II | Part III | Part IV

Based on recent iG Club Wanda's a big move frequently appear, Panda.Dota the players will certainly have an impact on choice, which may be the late announcement of the team line-up reasons, but we sincerely hope that the DOTA ring, and the entire electrical competing ring can stabilize as soon as possible, as early as possible and enjoy the pure athletic competition.

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